Chanukah candlelight 2012

20121214_HanukahNight-_DSC1899Many Temple members brought menorahs to light on the 7th Night of the Chanukah festival, and I was there with my Sony camera. In the darkened social hall, the burning candles were a beautiful (and warm) backdrop to the Shabbat service which followed but photos are not allowed during worship services. Continue reading

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Chicagoland Toys for Tots Parade on 12-2-2012

The temperature was in the high fifties on 2 December in Chicago so I took my new Sony NEX-6 to the Toys for Tots parade up Western Avenue. I missed the first group or two of motorcycles but still shot 811 images. I’ve no idea how many participants there were. The Chicagoland Toys For Tots Facebook page just announced there were 75,000 bikes!!

“The official count is 75,000 bikes!” says Joy Black, TFT Parade Coordinator, at the 2012 TFT Parade De-briefing Meeting.
And FIVE trailers of toys!

It was a terrific, colorful parade. My friends Carlo, Danny & Danielle were in an early group so I didn’t see them but I ran into Clarence (I met him at the Westchester Cruise Nights which can be found here; I saw his picture in my library but have been so busy I  can’t seem to find it now). Here is a small ‘teaser’ gallery.


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Oak Park photos

My Sony

I shot these images this week with my Sony NEX-6 with a 16-50mm kit lens. Since they didn’t allow me to use a tripod, these were handheld. I am pleased with the results and confident this diminutive yet capable one pound camera will be a worthy successor to my five year old Canon 30D DSLR.

Frank Lloyd Wright District homes

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Tulips 2012

I managed to shoot just as the tulips were beginning to bloom this Spring but caught a cold and missed the peak. Bummer.

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Flora 2012 Spring

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Scilla Pushkina, tiny white flower with blue veins

I stumbled across these tiny lovely Spring flowers near the River Forest Jewel-Osco. Had no idea of their name but as I was shooting, a total stranger walked by and told me, scilla pushkina.
(Click on portions of the two Lytro images to refocus)

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I just purchased a Lytro camera, fun and much to learn

Unlike conventional film and digital cameras, the Lytro does not require the photographer to decide on (precise) focusing at the time of capture; rather, the photographer can select a ‘range of focus’ and the viewer of the image can choose a focus point by clicking anywhere on the image with a mouse. The photos are dynamic and Lytro calls them “living pictures’. This camera removes focus as a tool of composition! Composing the image in the viewfinder is even more important because the software doesn’t yet allow cropping.

The camera arrived two days ago and I fully charged it and shot over six hundred pictures in two days. Not all demonstrate the ‘magic’ and many are similar as I tried to shoot the same subjects with different framing and angles. Outdoor shots in bright sun have been problematic.

The science of a Lytro here.

The very first light fields were captured at Stanford University over 15 years ago. The most advanced light field research required a roomful of cameras tethered to a supercomputer. Today, Lytro completes the job of taking light fields out of the research lab and making them available for everyone, in the form of the world’s first Lytro Light Field Camera.

Click on foreground, background middle of these images to refocus.

I’ve added permanent pages under a new top level menu category LYTRO IMAGES… so please explore further.

Crown of Thorns flowers and fly

Crown of Thorns flowers

Blackberries, strawberries, etc.


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